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Posted by Extreme Raid R. da Póvoa, 4560, Portugal
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The positioning of the engine and spare wheels in the back of the car and the gas tank in the centre, the use of light components and an high structural efficiency chassis, offer the Depieres 2RM greater agility in different types of tracks and impact absorption and an higher top speed, when compared to the remaining four wheel drive vehicles. DEpieres 2RM finished the Portuguese All-Terrain Championship in first place, in the T1 two-wheel drive category and it won the Baja Portalegre 500 (World Cup race) also in the T1 two-wheel drive category. After the end of the last season, this car was entirely stripped down and all of its parts, the chassis and the eletric harness went through a thorough inspection. Some of the parts had to be replaced by brand new ones. Renting is also an option.


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Country Portugal
State/Province Porto
distance: 4,655 Kilometers
Address R. da Póvoa, 4560, Portugal